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Get Hired! Workshop Event

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Sessions include information on how to effectively job search, create resumes that get you noticed, why it’s important to build your LinkedIn profile, and how to best use the platform. Interviewing tips and tricks, guidance when you are looking into changing careers and how to get a civil service job.

Additionally, resource teams will be available for veterans, persons with disabilities, experienced or mature workers, recent graduates, and justice-involved candidates.

All of these workshops will help you succeed when it comes time to meet with employers at the Tri-County Job Fair on August 19th!

Before the Job Fair:

  • Attend the Get Hired! Workshop Event on August 11th.
  • Set up your profile (customize with a professional photo and at least one resume).
  • Watch the Tutorial videos or attend a live training Q&A.
  • Bookmark the login page for easy access to your account.
  • Visit Employer booths on the preview day, research participating companies and their openings.
  • Make sure to avoid EXTERNAL DISTRACTIONS & TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES during the job fair.
  • Prepare a short personalize introduction to describe your relevant skills and experience and let the employers know why you would be a good fit for their position(s).

Remember, on the day of the Job Fair, those recruiters are there just for you! Be prepared.

Make a Good First Impression

  • Be friendly and responsive, participate in conversations within the chat and ask relevant questions.
  • Wear business attire that is professional, clean, wrinkle-free, and well-fitting. Be prepared to accept an invitation to connect on camera. Dressing for the job you’re targeting is highly essential, even if you’re connecting with hiring managers from across the screen.
  • Utilize the chat feature to connect with hiring managers so you stand out from other applicants.