Do I need to register for the job fair?

Yes, registration is required to access this event.

How do I register?

Register Now

Where do I login on the day of the job fair?

Login Now

What if I do not have a resume?

Attend the resume workshop during the Get Hired! event for tips on creating a resume to get noticed. For feedback on your current resume contact Sara from Golden Sierra at jobs@golodensierra.com

How does the event work?

Once the event has started, the virtual platform will open for you to enter the lobby. Once in the lobby, you will find categories to help search for job openings. When you see a category that interests you, click on it and see the list of companies with openings in that category. Click on the name/logo to enter a specific company’s hiring booth. Here you will be able to see company information, open positions, submit your resume, and view other links the company wants to share with you. This way you can research the company and begin chatting with hiring managers.

Since its virtual, do I still need to dress professionally?

Yes, hiring managers will have the option to ask you for an on-the-spot video interview so it is best to be ready for that by dressing professionally.

Who are the participating employers & companies?

Please see the list of registered employers.

What types of positions are available at the job fair?

A variety of employers attend the job fair each year and represent industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, retail, hospitality, and more. Positions range from entry-level to professional.

Who can I ask for help if I can’t login?

Email Sara from Golden Sierra Job Training Agency at jobs@goldensierra.com or call 916-530-9518.